2022  Riverside Well Augmentation Plan


Plan Year Begins                                      3/1/22

Plan Year Ends                                          2/28/23

Well Head Depletion (whd) Fee                  $x.xx/ac ft (not set at this time)


Whd allowed                               .25 ac ft/District Acre


Gross pumping x whd factor = whd

 Pumping allotments are mailed to the landowner. 

Whd = well head depletions, commonly known as consumptive use.  This is the portion of total pumping that is consumed.

Whd factor is a measure of the farm’s irrigation efficiency (flood irrigation = 60%, sprinkler irrigation = 80%, farms that use both methods have a factor somewhere in between).

Annual Augmentation Bill Calculation:  Administrative fee ($100/well) + Water fee (well head depletion fee x total well head depletions) + Over-pumping penalties (if any).                  Your augmentation bill will be due on March 15th of the next year.  Bills are available earlier if requested.

Do not hesitate to contact the office if you need more information or are unsure of your pumping status.  Flow meters must be in accurate working condition or need to be repaired or replaced immediately.  Failure to do so will result in pumping estimations based on crop requirement calculations.

Over-pumping penalty: $1,000/acre foot pumped in excess of allocation.

Multiply your measured flow meter usage times the correction factor in your flow meter test to determine the actual pumping in order to prevent over-pumping.